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More than one hundred thousand papers on nutrition, natural medicine, environmental medicine, and controversial medical topics are published every year. With this level of information overload, if you aren't confused, you probably should be. Consider the following:

  • Most published medical research findings are false.
  • Many remarkable randomized controlled trials with natural medicines go completely ignored, lost in the multitude of noise.
  • Diseases can potentially have dozens of simultaneous environmental causes or contributors, yet clinical trials almost always test only one intervention at a time.
  • Countless promising natural treatment avenues are often left by the wayside due to inadequate research incentives.

People are left with many questions, most notably, "What should I do?" Obviously, these and other issues need to be addressed from many different angles. We seek to contribute in two ways:

  • Publishing an online article series - We help sort through many topics of interest and controversy, often picking up on overlooked gemstones of research. We try to bring clarity through a limited number of detailed literature reviews and perspectives, rather than through the common practice of trumpeting every new study that comes out.
  • Natural, multi-interventional clinical trials - It is our vision to form a research community which can conduct many small pilot studies where diseases are treated with many natural medicines simultaneously. We endeavor to challenge the notion that using only a small number of "proven" therapies is what leads to the best outcomes.

We're a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our work is funded solely by your tax-deductible donations. Please show your support. We make positive change when we work together.

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