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The Shortcomings of Evidence-Based Medicine

Evidence-based medicine suffers from four primary shortcomings:

  1. A bias towards symptom-management and away from addressing potentially resolvable environmental causes of chronic disease.
  2. A bias towards patentable drugs and away from unpatentable natural medicines.
  3. A gross underappreciation of the extent of harm, fraud, bias, fallacy, unreliability, and lack of usefulness that plagues much of published medical research and commonly practiced medicine.
  4. A naive understanding of decision analysis that leads to practically equating an optimal medical decision with using only “proven” therapies.

People Are Waking Up

A rapidly growing segment of patients, physicians, and researchers are endeavoring to improve upon or otherwise opt out of these well-documented shortcomings. If you are reading this site, this likely describes you.

Here's How We Serve

At EMR, our grassroots work seeks to join and serve these efforts in the following ways:

  1. EMR Newsletter - Countless thousands of papers on nutrition, natural medicine, environmental medicine, and controversial medical topics are published every year. We help sort through many topics of interest and controversy, often picking up on overlooked gemstones of research. We try to bring clarity through a limited number of detailed articles, reviews, and perspectives, rather than through the common practice of trumpeting every new study that comes out. We help cut through information overload and chronic media misreporting.
  2. Peer-Reviewed Analyses and Narrative Reviews – A handful of important topics will be addressed not through our newsletter, but through reputable peer-reviewed journals. We will always opt for open access publishing, meaning online viewers will never have to pay to read our papers.
  3. Manufacturing and Sale of Supplements - We wish to build a small line of science-based products that people can trust, and that will spare many the pitfalls and the bewilderment of exploring the endless world of dietary supplements. As a nonprofit, we will strive for exceptionally low costs and total transparency.
  4. Natural, multi-interventional clinical trials - It is our vision to form a research community which can conduct many pilot studies where diseases are treated with many natural and environmental interventions simultaneously. We endeavor to challenge the notion that using only therapies with a very high level of evidence is what leads to the best outcomes.

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